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    I feel that I am finally represented the way I want to be - I had the opportunity to collaborate with an excellent club, and my colleagues and my coach became my second family. Now I can focus entirely on sports, without any other worries.



    The truth is that I was tired of trying to understand how contracts work, how to handle the negotiation process and to have to take care of everything. Now that I know I'm represented correctly and someone takes care of me, I feel much more focused on my job.


    Left Back

    IMAGE 4 SPORT are at the end of the phone 24/7 for anything that i need, i have full confidence that all is handled in the best way possible. IMAGE 4 SPORT have become more then advisers, they have became trusted friend.



    Handball is a team sport. And a sportswoman's career is also a team effort. Looking for a new club, negotiations, contracts, mediation - all this would have taken a lot of my energy and concentration if I had to do them by myself.


    Left Back

    If I've learned anything in all these years of handball, it's that help is essential. You can't do it all in a career as a professional athlete. IMAGE 4 SPORT services have been very useful to me.


    Right Back

    I was lucky to have a great team, but even so, conflicts with the club may arise. The good part is that when you have a representation like IMAGE 4 SPORT, you, the athlete, are no longer part of that conflict. You outsource it like any other task. That way, the relationship with the club suffers very little, and you mind your own business. It's good to have someone on your side to protect your interests.


    Right Back

    I have total trust in IMAGE 4 SPORT, they are a complete package and they deal with everything outside the court so that i can concentrate on matter on the court! I would and have recommended Image 4 Sport to other players.

    Natalia Vinyukova

    Left Back

    IMAGE 4 SPORT has always had my best interest not only as a player , but as a person. In a business world, they treat their players like family and that's something you can't replace!

    Judith Vizuete

    Middle Back
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